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A luxury concierge consultancy specializing in high-end travel and bespoke events.

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Carefree Partner: Amanzoe, Greece

Discover the World, Carefree

Carefree Travel & Lifestyle is a luxury concierge consultancy specializing in high-end travel and bespoke events. To us, luxury is more than beautiful design and flawless service. It's emotive and personal, unique to every individual. Our expertise and abundant resources combine to curate exquisitely tailored experiences, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Through our established connections with industry decision makers, we secure added amenities, upgrades, and space clearing—even when it seems impossible. We take pride in delivering unique travel, lifestyle, and event experiences with promotions and access that are exclusive to our clients.


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Meet Our Founder

- Lauren Wright

"Even at a young age I was fascinated by travel and the discovery of distant cultures. Growing up watching programming such at the Discovery and Travel Channels, I was able to experience the thrill of an adventurous journey. Having been firmly bitten by the "travel bug", travel soon filled birthday and Christmas wish-lists and a life fueled by an all-consuming wanderlust was born.

Whether I'm confirming yacht charters in the Mediterranean, destination weddings in the Maldives, or private jets to Paris for Fashion Week, I strive to ensure every client adventure is Carefree!"

Lauren Wright, founder

Our Worldwide Partners

Our exclusive partnerships with the world's leading lifestyle and travel providers aren't just a passion; they're the key to unlocking the world for our clients. Our Founder, Lauren Wright, travels full-time to uncover the latest and most exceptional experiences. Additionally, we regularly conduct site inspections at our current partner properties to maintain high service standards. Through negotiations with industry decision makers, we artfully secure prime amenities and unmatched offerings.

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